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Presentations – publications

List of publications from Nord-VET Download publication list

Two books published in 2018 from the research project:

  1. MichelsenM-L. Stenström (2018) Vocational Education in the Nordic Countries – The Historical Evolution. Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/Vocational-Education-in-the-Nordic-Countries-The-Historical-Evolution/Michelsen-Stenstrom/p/book/9781138220850
  2. C. H. Jørgensen, O. J. Olsen & D. P. Thunqvist (2018) Vocational Education in the Nordic Countries – Learning from Diversity. Routledge https://www.routledge.com/Vocational-Education-in-the-Nordic-Countries-Learning-from-Diversity/Jorgensen-Olsen-Thunqvist/p/book/9781138219809

Conference publication: The future of vocational education – Recent reforms and innovations in the Nordic countries,  125 pages  Download publication

Below you can find links to key presentations from Nord-VET

Presentations from the Nord-VET conference 7-8 June 2016

The future of vocational education  – learning from the Nordic countries. Video of keynote by Christian Helms Jørgensen

Learning from VET in the Nordic Countries. Keynote presentation by Maarit Virolainen 

Evolution of the Nordic VET systems – path dependencies and reorientations. Keynote presentation by Svein Michelsen

VET in building and construction – comparing the Nordic countries. Workshop presentation by D P Thunqvist & A Hallqvist 

Recent reforms and innovations in the Nordic vocational education and training (VET). Workshop presentation by  Marja-Leena Stenström

Can VET combine high esteem and social inclusion? Workshop presentation by Lene Larsen

Is VET a ´dead end´ or a pathway to HE? Workshop presentation by Maarit Virolainen 

What can Swedish initial VET learn from Finland, Norway and Denmark? Panel presentation by Daniel Persson Thunqvist 

What can the Danish VET-system learn from other Nordic countries? Panel presentation by Christian Helms Jørgensen 

What can the Finnish VET system learn from the other Nordic countries? Panel presentation by Marja-Leena Stenström


Joint presentation at the Helix conference in Linköping, June 2013:    Nord-VET joint presentation at Helix June 2013

Presentation at Stockholm conference May 12-13, 2014     Vocational Education & Training – Emerging issues?                                                    Presentation Stckh May 2014 Birka

Presentation at the NordForsk conference in Reykjavik, June 2013  Presentation Education for tomorrow 19.May 2014 Reykjavik

 Link to presentations and papers for History of VET conference in Zürich Sept. 8 – 9 2014

Presentation Chr Helms DK From VET to HE Oslo Oct 2014 NFHE Building bridges from VET to higher education in Denmark


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Jørgensen, Christian Helms. (2015) Challenges for Nordic VET-systems : learning from Switzerland?. In Katrin Kraus; Markus Weil (Eds.) Berufliche Bildung : historisch – aktuell – international. Detmold : EUSL Verlagsgesellschaft.

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Jørgensen, C., Michelsen S., Olofsson, J., and Persson Thunqvist, D. (2016 in print) Same, but different. – emergence of VET in three Nordic Countries. In Gonon, P and Berner, E. (eds.) History of Vocational Education – Concepts, Cases and Challenges. Springer (Accepted for publication).

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Svein Michelsen (2016 in print) “Learning from the Nordic countries: the case of Norwegian VET- origins and early development 1860- 1930.” I Gonon,P. og Berner, E. (red) History of Vocational Education – Concepts, Cases and Challenges. Springer (accepted for publication).

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Research project on vocational education in the Nordic Countries